Fierce: Brody (The Fierce Five, #1)

Fierce: Brody (The Fierce Five, #1) - Natalie Ann This is really a 1 star book, but the author probably worked hard on it. It was well written and wasn't full of typos. I feel like if I give a low rating I need to give an explanation why.
The plot was so forced it made it unbelievable. The relationship between the siblings was the only believable thing in the book until they all became sunshine and unicorn farts at the end. I can't even remember the name of the main girl she was so forgettable.... anyways the female MC can't make a decision to save her life. Brody is a dumbass who keeps tripping over his own ego and has basically had the world handed to him his entire life. The concept that he turns into this loving husband and father type, essentially overnight, to convince what's her face to give him a chance is absurd. No egomaniac does that. Sorry doesn't happen, not for any girl and definitely not for the Menu Savant. It was just stupid.
Then there's the meddling know it all mother who has a serious screw loose.
Also, I found it super disturbing that a mother would knowingly expose her sons genitals and laugh it off. If a dad ripped the sheets off his adult daughter's naked body, people would be in hysterics. It was effing gross! Brody was humiliated in the book, it was clearly wrong. I'm not sure why the author would include a scene like this. I'm not sure if she thinks it's cute or funny but it's messed up.
The neatly tied up distraction of girly whirl's baby daddy was boring and anti-climactic but it got us to our HEA, and the end, thank God.
None of the characters were particularly likeable. They weren't bad boys with hearts of gold etc. they were just shitbirds with bad attitudes. Spoiled entitled selfish kids with a meddling overbearing mom.