Kindred - Nicola Claire I really liked the story, it's a pretty interesting read. I found the push and pull between Lucinda and Michel to be very engaging until the sex scenes, all of a sudden, they had no problems, she was no longer mad, he had no longer just betrayed her trust, and/or they were no longer just hating each others guts. It was bizarre, this ass kicking chick, was just a slave for sex, and even though he's also supposedly pulled to this same bond, he seems to have no problem thinking through the haze of sex and hatches a plan to lock her in her home against her will post coitus. I understand the whole macho is sexy thing, but this book did macho the wrong way, after about 50%, I couldn't stomach it anymore, and just flipped past the sex between Michel and Luce. Kindred or not, there's no way in hell a chick that badass would fall in bed with a man she can't trust, makes decisions for her without her input, treats her like a possession or a child, and isn't honest with her. He wasn't forthright about the abilities they would both be coming into and what she was when she asked him directly, and he alienates her from the only family she has, her friends. I mean this guy is nothing but red flags and she knows it. I feel like the author pushed an agenda she wanted that wasn't even remotely true to the character she wrote.

I like them as a couple, they have great chemistry, I just wish the author would have them remotely work their shit out before they go from 0 to 69. Otherwise, it feels skeevy.