Flayed - Karen Marie Moning Ugh, I am so tired of "the nine," and the endless obsession with their junk. God, it's been so many books of the same crap. I feel like the story stopped two books back.

Why was Dani/Jada's story hijacked? I thought we were done with "Ms. Lane" and her endless and repetitive narrative. Nothing happened in this book, the story barely progressed, aside from some cheap soap-like plot devices that were, I guess, supposed to fill us with shock and awe but fell completely flat.

This entire book could have been condensed into maybe two decent chapters. I don't know if the author has some great idea planned out and all of this fluff was necessary to set up the conclusion, or what. I sincerely hope that's the case. It makes me super sad, I used to love this series and now I'm not sure I even care how it ends.