Witch Me Luck

Witch Me Luck - Amanda M. Lee I think it might just be me, because I don't have a sister just two older brothers, but if my sister had acted the way clove did or talked to me the way she talked to Bay, holy smokes, she'd have bigger problems than whether or not her crap ass mealy mouthed boyfriend was a murderer or not. Seriously, Clove's pissed off her sister turned in evidence in a HOMICIDE investigation? Wtf?! Clove gets zero passes for that imo and Bay should be ashamed of herself for having zero backbone. I get they have issues and they act like teenage twits from time to time, but that scenario was a bit unbelievable. I can see there being some drama about turning in the hat had it been one of her cousins butt's on the line, but that bozo Sam, no way! Everyone can be a brat at times but that wasn't being a brat, nasty words exist to define how Clove was behaving. Bay was also disappointing, I understand her childhood bully reemerging throwing her for a loop but that really didn't have anything to do with how she dealt with Clove. The rest of the cast was hilarious and awesome, as per the usual. I just didn't really enjoy this book as much as the others. The two cousins were just a bit too much for me this time.