The Accidental Genie

The Accidental Genie - Dakota Cassidy My last one, I only read this far to get to this book for a reading challenge. This started out strong then went to shit pretty quickly. Seriously, these catty b*&^%$ think they are entitled to snoop into her life and endanger her because they're scared. Well then if you're so scared pack up OOPS and go back into hiding. She didn't owe ya shit and so tired of the overbearing, know it all attitude of these three ladies. They never seem to help anyways, only make things worse, the newest paranormal always seems to figure it out while Nina pretends to be hot shit on a stick, in the way and generally annoys the hell out of everyone. I hate everything about these women... Ugh

I made the mistake of reading two books in a row. One book and I can be charitable, two and I'm ready to start burning books.