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Siren's Song

Siren's Song - Mary Weber Better than the first book :)

Storm Siren

Storm Siren - Mary Weber Read it! TO THE END! Solid 3.5 to 4 stars all the way through and then the very last line... 5 stars. That ending pure chills. Best twist I've read in so long, it could be because I read it at 3am. Idk. I didn't see it coming.

Montana Dawn (McCutcheon Family #1)

Montana Dawn (McCutcheon Family #1) - Caroline Fyffe I hate books where the whole plot would unravel if the heroine would stop being a twit know it all for two minutes.

Save Me

Save Me - Tiffany Snow I liked how the series ended. Things are never as black and white as they appear to be and the ending was a believable twist/HEA. What I didn't like was the choice she made in men. I felt like that was only done because Jackson is the biggest dud she's ever written and there's no way in hell he could be a leading man for a new series. Literally, all of the reasons China listed for choosing Jackson are reasons she should have gone with Clark. I'm not even Team Clark or Team Jackson for a second there I was thinking she and Kade were gonna get it on, it was just stupid. It was clearly just so she could write more books with a character we all already like.

Snow is absolutely one of my favorite authors. There are very few authors I buy everything they publish but Tiffany Snow books are dependable as hell, you know they are always going to be a great read. God, I hope you aren't turning into a Janet Evanovich. =(

Fierce: Brody (The Fierce Five, #1)

Fierce: Brody (The Fierce Five, #1) - Natalie Ann This is really a 1 star book, but the author probably worked hard on it. It was well written and wasn't full of typos. I feel like if I give a low rating I need to give an explanation why.
The plot was so forced it made it unbelievable. The relationship between the siblings was the only believable thing in the book until they all became sunshine and unicorn farts at the end. I can't even remember the name of the main girl she was so forgettable.... anyways the female MC can't make a decision to save her life. Brody is a dumbass who keeps tripping over his own ego and has basically had the world handed to him his entire life. The concept that he turns into this loving husband and father type, essentially overnight, to convince what's her face to give him a chance is absurd. No egomaniac does that. Sorry doesn't happen, not for any girl and definitely not for the Menu Savant. It was just stupid.
Then there's the meddling know it all mother who has a serious screw loose.
Also, I found it super disturbing that a mother would knowingly expose her sons genitals and laugh it off. If a dad ripped the sheets off his adult daughter's naked body, people would be in hysterics. It was effing gross! Brody was humiliated in the book, it was clearly wrong. I'm not sure why the author would include a scene like this. I'm not sure if she thinks it's cute or funny but it's messed up.
The neatly tied up distraction of girly whirl's baby daddy was boring and anti-climactic but it got us to our HEA, and the end, thank God.
None of the characters were particularly likeable. They weren't bad boys with hearts of gold etc. they were just shitbirds with bad attitudes. Spoiled entitled selfish kids with a meddling overbearing mom.

Street Magic

Street Magic - Caitlin Kittredge I loved all of the British banter. A believable relationship between the MCs that develops over time as the story unfolds never happens! It seems like they magically just love each other or can't stand each other on one page then three pages over are ripping each other's clothes off. The most unbelievable part of this ghost/paranormal story is that she wasn't fired for taking off so much time from work with no explanation. This book was totally entertaining, and got me in the mood for the royal wedding this week! (Meghan and Harry's)

A Hunger Like No Other

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole Wow, this was a spicy meatball. I was not expecting that, at all. A little much, at times, but an interesting book.


Kindred - Nicola Claire I really liked the story, it's a pretty interesting read. I found the push and pull between Lucinda and Michel to be very engaging until the sex scenes, all of a sudden, they had no problems, she was no longer mad, he had no longer just betrayed her trust, and/or they were no longer just hating each others guts. It was bizarre, this ass kicking chick, was just a slave for sex, and even though he's also supposedly pulled to this same bond, he seems to have no problem thinking through the haze of sex and hatches a plan to lock her in her home against her will post coitus. I understand the whole macho is sexy thing, but this book did macho the wrong way, after about 50%, I couldn't stomach it anymore, and just flipped past the sex between Michel and Luce. Kindred or not, there's no way in hell a chick that badass would fall in bed with a man she can't trust, makes decisions for her without her input, treats her like a possession or a child, and isn't honest with her. He wasn't forthright about the abilities they would both be coming into and what she was when she asked him directly, and he alienates her from the only family she has, her friends. I mean this guy is nothing but red flags and she knows it. I feel like the author pushed an agenda she wanted that wasn't even remotely true to the character she wrote.

I like them as a couple, they have great chemistry, I just wish the author would have them remotely work their shit out before they go from 0 to 69. Otherwise, it feels skeevy.

The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't

The Curious Case of the Werewolf That Wasn't - Gail Carriger I haven't read anything by this author or from this genre, so I wanted to start with something short. This was crazy short though, like maybe one chapter of a normal book. I'm a little disappointed. I'm not sure it was enough to hook me, but the story was interesting.

A Sorceress of His Own (The Gifted Ones Book 1)

A Sorceress of His Own (The Gifted Ones Book 1) - Dianne Duvall The moment I read the date on the first page, I sighed and was disappointed. I don't like historicals, they're just so blech, but this was recommended to me, so I forged on. I can't believe it, somehow this weird historical, romance, fantasy tale kept me entrenched. I read the book in one evening, only putting it down once to grab something to drink but couldn't wait to get back to it. Seriously, was this me? It was a 5 star book throughout until the very end, it wrapped up way to quickly, and easily and the HEA was explained away. I HATE THAT! They literally fought their way through everything and then the ultimate ending gets explained away. Yuck! They could've have arrived at the same ending and had a chapter, hell a paragraph, devoted to discovering the truth (it wouldn't have been difficult either ie. mom arrives to heal her and runs into daddy dearest,) but nope, there were just a few lines of verbal diarrhea. It was a terrible ending to an otherwise fantastic book.

The Accidental Human

The Accidental Human - Dakota Cassidy OK, i love that the author writes women in a realistic fashion, however, much like in real life, that reality does become obnoxious. Nina stopped being bold and strong, and has become pig headed and loud. Marty was nice and calm and is now more how Nina initially was. Wanda's all over the map. I just feel like these ladies are loosing their individual identities and all becoming Snooky circa Jersey Shore. I found myself just skipping pages and pages of text and not even missing a bit of the plot, which makes me super sad because I was loving binging this series. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe these ladies were not meant to be binged. I'm still hooked but i really hope, they stfu, as they all like to say.

It Happened One Wedding

It Happened One Wedding - Julie James I think this was my favorite one yet. The chemistry between the two main characters was off the charts and the banter between them was fantastic.

Long Ride Home: A Cambio Springs Short Story

Long Ride Home: A Cambio Springs Short Story - Elizabeth   Hunter A great introductory novella with a neat little twist at the end. I can't wait to read the first book.

Break Me

Break Me - Tiffany Snow I read this book before Follow Me by mistake. I was planning to binge read them all in one day but didn't realize I started with book two until I came on here to update my shelves. I have to say the author did a really good job of summing up the first book's "need to knows" without giving away any spoilers. Some things had to be told, there was no getting around that, but I was actually debating even bothering to read Follow Me, but I'm really glad I did. I'm Team Clark more than ever now. lol Anyways, love love love Tiffany Snow! She never disappoints!

A London Werewolf in America

A London Werewolf in America - Pat Cunningham It was a nice read. The author didn't just miraculously tie up the plot at the end with random new information, which was pretty refreshing for a rom/com book, and I had no idea whodunnit, so to speak.

The Accidental Genie

The Accidental Genie - Dakota Cassidy My last one, I only read this far to get to this book for a reading challenge. This started out strong then went to shit pretty quickly. Seriously, these catty b*&^%$ think they are entitled to snoop into her life and endanger her because they're scared. Well then if you're so scared pack up OOPS and go back into hiding. She didn't owe ya shit and so tired of the overbearing, know it all attitude of these three ladies. They never seem to help anyways, only make things worse, the newest paranormal always seems to figure it out while Nina pretends to be hot shit on a stick, in the way and generally annoys the hell out of everyone. I hate everything about these women... Ugh

I made the mistake of reading two books in a row. One book and I can be charitable, two and I'm ready to start burning books.

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